Why Single Ladies Are More Than Single Guys

Recently I’ve been hearing people complaining over the ratio of single ladies to single guys. Most arrived at the conclusion that it is because girls are given birth to more than the boys but I would like to disagree with such stance.
The last time I made research on male ratio female birth rate, I dscovered that boys are more birthed than girls. Only in a few countries like Norway will you see it the other way round. Even during the last annual convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the number of the children birthed during the program was announced and it was 5:4 boys to girls respectively.

Now here is the statistic behind your illusion…

Given that 50 boys and 50 girls are birthed today. In the next 30 years, there is a high probability that the number of boys would have reduced to 35 or less while the number of girls to 43 or more.
The reason behind this is quite natural as men are more adventurous than women. That causes the rate of mortality to be high in men as they grow older.
Here are the factors that cause high rate of mortality among men:
…Nature of job… Jobs like factory work are dangerous in many ways and it has claimed the lives of many men at their youthful age. Also, transportation is another risky job. Men majorly are the drivers of vehicles and motorcycles.

…Thuggery and Cultism… Without much explanation, I believe you know the danger it has imposed on our society.

… Military… Eventhough women also do join millitary, you can hardly see them at the war front. Ethiopia was recently ravaged by war which caused a serious reduction in men’s population. The government have to force the remaining few men to marry at least 2 wives.
Some other factors are also responsible.

Now, by the time they get to their late 20s, men would have reduced in population compared to women.
So I believe this article will be helpful for you when next you are thinking why women seems to be more than men.
Have a wonderful day.

Source: Nairaland.com

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