Buhari rescue mission to save Nigeria

Nigeria from the brink of collapse and hope-lessness, Speaker of the House of Repres-entatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has said. Buhari In a statement felicitating with the President on his 74th birthday anniversary, the Speaker said Buhari came back to lead Nigeria at a time  when the nation was in dire need of purposeful, credible and dynamic leadership. Dogara maintained that although the road is rough and turbulent, the journey to greatness and affluence has commenced with the APC government led by President Buhari. “We remain eternally grateful to the almighty God for giving us you at this critical period in our nation’s history when the need for a dynamic and purposeful leadership is imperative.” “Undoutedbly, you are here on a divine mission to rescue Nigeria from the brink of collapse and hopelessness. Though the road is rough  and turbulent, we know  this is but for a moment as the return journey to prosperity, affluence and greatness has already commenced with you as the chief pilot. This is the journey to ensure Nigeria takes her rightful place in the comity of nations sooner than latter.”

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