Man Who Predicted Trump Victory Makes Next Shocking Prediction

Eight months ago, Doug Casey, a libertarian philosopher and multi-millionaire speculator, predicted Donald Trump’s victory.

In fact, he was so confident of the outcome, he even placed two separate personal bets on the election.

A $500 bet where he won 5-to-1, and another with a leading investor where he won 100 ounces of silver.

But now Casey is issuing an even more shocking prediction about Trump’s presidency

In short, it involves the U.S. dollar and a controversial new law the Federal Reserve may be forced to enact.

In fact, the wheels are already in motion… Back in June, Fed Chair Janet Yellen held a private meeting with central bankers to discuss this dollar change. And since Casey’s prediction, the Federal Reserve has publicly stated they wanted to “speed up” the implementation of this idea.

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