10 rappers with sex tape

Tupac has one of those where he was receiving a head while smoking blunt, its aptly titled “All thighs on me”


There is fascination with people having sex and recording themselves while at it. Here is a list of famous rappers who have ventured into this as well, as compiled by Kevin Lytle, HipHopMyWay


1. 50 Cent

Fiddy was also involved in this and almost got his hands burned when he posted a very raunchy video of Rick Ross’ baby mama and some guy on his website back in 2010 when he was feuding with Rick Ross, he also narrated the darn thing with his comedic alter ego, ‘Pimpin Curly’


2. Bow Wow

Bow Wow later re-incarnated as Shad Moss, back in 2010, MTO reported a sex tape involving a man with striking resemblance of Bow Wow going at it in man on man action. He came out to deny that it was him in the video.


3. Tyga & Kylie

Won’t we all love to see this one? We want her to follow in her sister’s footsteps, when the couple broke up. Tyga posted a sex tape of him and Kylie, the tape was online for only about 30 minutes because he didn’t have permission to do so. Tyga will probably hold this over her for a long time. Although, her manager recommends that she leaks it herself, and Vivid entertainment reportedly offer $10 million.

If a company is offering $10 million for a sex tape, as I have suspected for a while now, I’m in the wrong business.


 4. Nicki Minaj

It’s fairly common knowledge that Nicki has a few sex tapes under her belt. Rumors of the first one came about in 2010, just before her first album. The second is said to be with rapper, Big Sean, but unfortunately for us hardcore Nicki fan, neither of the tapes have surfaced.

We would have liked if this actually leaks somehow. Nicki has a few tapes, more than one. There was a rumor of the first around 2010 before her first album, while the second was with Big Sean, we are yet to seen either, but we will be waiting anxiously for the day it begins.


5. J. Cole & Rihanna

RiRi has been teasing us for a very long time now. In 2011, Hustler magazine claimed they have a sex tape involving J. Cole and Rihanna with them. They both laughed it off on social media and Hustler hasn’t released anything yet, meaning we were been played…damn!


6. Eve

Back in 2005, a fuzzy tape came out with a sex tape scene that was recorded around 1999. The video showed the rapper and her boyfriend having fun with several adult toys. Even said she felt violated that those tapes leaked.


7. Iggy Azalea

The big booty Australian girl who ran away from social media was also dabbled in the interesting act on tape. In 2014, Iggy and her ex boyfriend were having a fight when the ex boo was reportedly shopping around the sex tape for someone to buy. Fortunately for her, she was able to get him to sell it back to her, easing her headache.

8. Kanye West

We would have guessed this, sometime in 2012, there was a sex tape of Kanye with a woman that looks very much like Kim Kardashian that was stolen from his house. Another video came out again, the bidding war began and it reached over $5 million.


9. Tupac

Tupac still surprises 20 years after his demise. He has a sex tape from 1991 that was released in 2011. The video had him and friends at a house party where he receives head and smokes a blunt at the same time, living la vida loca. The name of the sex tape is “All thighs on Me”, it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Anyway, the video was sold to a private collector after some bidding war.


10. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne set the internet on fire in 2015 when a sex tape where he was having sex with two strippers surfaced. Ofcourse, he threatened to sue if the tape was released. He was probably pissed that he wore just socks throughout the entire charade.

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