Man cries out after woman brutalised young nephew

A wicked aunt has been called out by a Facebook user after she brutalized her young nephew with the man vowing to take up the case.

The brutalized boy

A Facebook user, Darlington Chibueze, has cried out over the kind of brutality a woman meted out to her own nephew over an offence the poor boy committed.

Chibueze took to his wall to narrate how the woman maltreated the boy, inflicting severe injuries on him and has vowed to pursue the case to a logical conclusion to get justice for the young boy.

This is how Chibueze captured the incident thus:

“Can you see him? Look at him well. After a busy schedule, today, I went to see my photographer, and on entering his shop, I saw this picture.

I looked at it. What you see now is what I saw. So bad. This boy was flogged by his aunt, his mum’s immediate younger sister. My photographer saw him and gave him a shot, amidst tears.

I bled. I cried. Humanity! Chai! Well, I know this boy. I taught him two years ago. I can tell he’s a well-behaved boy.

But even if he turned bad overnight, could this be the best punishment? I know the aunt. I am buying this case straight away. I have already called the police. Tomorrow morning, we shall know who is who.”

Cases of child abuse in the country have been on the rampant and Nigerians have been calling on the government to promulgate a law that gives very stiff punishment to perpetrators.


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