17 Hilarious Facts About Most Nigerian Universities

1. Welcome to a school where one credit
unit course is more stressful than 4 credit
unit courses.

2. A school where the number of students
is 5 times bigger than the capacity of
lecture halls.

3. Welcome to a school that lack lecture
halls but during exams period, you will
find out that there are many vacant halls

4. A school where students living in
hostels are more spoilt and corrupt than
students living off campus.

5. Welcome to a school where a guy will
live with his galfriend for one
semester,when the result comes out,the
guy’s GP will be 4 point while the gal’s
GP cant even flash MTN to MTN(O point)
and they call it love. Shame!

6. A school where some students always
go to night class with engineering
mathematics and end up using it as
pillow when sleeping.

7.Welcome to a school where some
students that normally go to night class
everyday peep in the exam hall more
than those students they think that don’t
know anything.

8.A school where girls preferred dating
school schuttle drivers and lecturers to

9.Welcome to school where “things for
sale clothes” are sold more than garri in
the market cos that’s where many gals

10. A school where sex is cheaper than
One packet of super pack indomie. That’s

11.Welcome to a school where the
number of guys found around the female
hostels everynight is five times the
number of students found in school
library during exam period.

12. A school where no girl is living in the
village,everybody is living in town. Hmm!
See Forming

13. Welcome to school where ugly girls
form pass beautiful ones.

14. A school where everybody is gentle,it
will be difficult to separate the good ones
and the bad ones.

15.Welcome to a school where “Genesis
1vs 12 is the talk point for weed smokers.
Read it……

16 If you want to catch many gals,use
indomie and egg. That’s true

17. Welcome to a school where many
students wasted their time during lecture
hours and remember God few weeks to
the exam and want God to perform
miracles for them in the exam hall. That’s
fact. Remember in every nonsense,there
must be a sense in it.

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