Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall Call Off Wedding? They Reportedly ‘Fight Over Everything’

Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall Call Off Wedding? They Reportedly 'Fight Over Everything'

The Oscar-winning actress and her boyfriend of one year may cancel their plan to get married this winter as they’ve been arguing over a lot of things these days.

It sounds like things have been really rough for Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall lately. Weeks after reporting that the actress and her boyfriend were planning a winter wedding, In Touch recently claimed that the pair might want to cancel it as they’ve been fighting over a lot of stuff.

The news outlet says that the couple has “hit a rough patch” and has been arguing a lot these days. “They fight over everything, from silly things like leaving the house a mess to more serious stuff like his easygoing parenting style, which Sandra can’t stand,” an insider shares.

“Plus, she has trust issues that creep into their everyday life and make her question the relationship,” the source continues. The publication states that the pair’s most recent fight turned very “ugly” and it led to Bullock giving Randall the silent treatment.

Without detailing the alleged fight, the source says that Bullock “didn’t respond to his texts or calls for hours.” The tipster adds that the actress “really does want her relationship with Bryan to work out more than anything [but] he just feels like they’ve reached a crossroad.”

After the In Touch article was published, Gossip Cop contacted a rep for Bullock who confirmed that the actress isn’t marrying Randall anytime soon. However, that’s only because the pair never really planned a wedding to begin with.

As for the tabloid’s claims about the two’s relationship being on the rocks, the rep says that the whole story was “made up” and full of “lies.”


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