10 Funny And Weird Pictures You Can Only See On Lagos Roads :)

Hello guys .Lets take the steam off and chill out, shall we .Lagos is a very funny place for thousands of reasons .Lagos traffic and roads would be our subject matter today.Lets have fun.

1-Have you played Mortal Kombat,You should try Motor Kombat(Lagos Edition)

2-There is nothing really as good as fresh air

3- Are those sausage rolls ?.That is one huge sausage roll .Nope they are mattresses.

4- Well the police tried to tow their bus , so the conductor and the driver did a unique kind of protest.

5- This is a keke+convertible = kenvertible,feel me ?

6- Well, this white dude is creating air pollution someone call 911,oh sorry we are in Naija

7- Please tell me what we can’t get to buy in Lagos traffic.I once saw “Contact me if you are looking for horseband -080………….”

8- Well the Men In Black , were doing their “job” as our “friends” so the victim decided to have a very long phone conversation, I guess they got tired and left him alone

9- No matter what happens , make sure you get extra security in Lagos.

10- Well *sips bottle water and Gala”,welcome to Lagos !!

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/3544481/10-funny-weird-pictures-only

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