Farmers Discover Snake That’s Been Killing Livestock Was Hiding A Secret

Perhaps you’ve heard of the African Rock Python, a particularly lethal species of a snake that doesn’t bite but is still quite deadly.

Rather than injecting its victims with venom, it wraps its muscular body around its prey and constricts until the poor soul dies of asphyxiation.

When farmers in Nigeria found their calves continually going missing thanks to a local menace, they suspected it was a python. Those suspicions rose even further when a bulging python appeared, looking as if it had livestock stored beneath the surface.


Typically, a python will eat a meal many times larger than itself, stretching its stomach to fit the meal and then declining to move for days. So when the farmers found the python, they assumed it was housing their livestock in its stomach.However, when they killed the animal and cut it open, they found instead that the massive snake was housing something much more vitriolic. Inside were dozens of eggs, all waiting to be born and release their own brand of terror on the livestock.

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