Unbelievable: Where This Suya Seller Gets His Meat Will Really Shock You

A mallam was caught and stripped naked for reportedly stealing meat from a butcher’s shed in Enugu, recently. According to Facebook user, Egwuatu Chukz, a Hausa man was caught stealing meat from a butcher’s shed in Ogbete market, Enugu state. The Hausa man was said to have casually strolled into the shed, brought out a sack and started stuffing large chunks of meat into it, completely ignoring the fact that there were other people around.

Upon Interrogation the man confessed that he has been doing this for quite some time and during all his operations, he uses the charms to transform himself into an invisible being and that’s how he makes his own money and business by roasting the stolen meat for sale which is popular called “Suya meat” in Nigeria.” According to the butchers, they had gathered and prayed over the ‘mysterious’ disappearance of meat from their shed, one week before he was caught in the act.

Source: http://thesummary.com.ng/index.php/news-categories/crime/item/8802-unbelievable-where-this-suya-seller-gets-his-meat-will-really-shock-you

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