Teenager Die In South Africa While Trying To Strike A ‘Dead Man’ Pose

A 19-year-old teenager with a bright future after she passed her preliminary exams with 4 distinctions and was due to study medicine collapsed and died in Pretoria while her friends looked on and cheered thinking she was doing the viral #DeadPose challenge.

Tshidi Ngwenya, who had earlier posted a series of pictures performing the challenge, had decided to step it up a notch and perform a daring pose while her friends cheered and took pictures. The manoeuvre did not go as planned as she fell to the ground and collapsed. Her friends did not pick up that she was in distress and continued to cheer and take pictures.

dead-posedead-poseImage result for teen dies while performing #DeadPose

Source: http://amala.ng/index.php/2017/01/09/dead-posing-see-teenager-died-performing-deadpose-challenge/

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