Don’t be carried away by social media, Biobaku cautions students

UNDERGRADUATES have been called upon to focus on their academics or risk  affecting their future adversely by being carried away by social media. The call was made by a lecturer in Lagos State University, School of Communication, Mr Lanre Biobaku, who said social media has made many graduates seek the easy way, thereby seeing entertainment excellence as the height of achievement.

“Undergraduates should remain focused and committed, as the rush for entertainment excellence occasioned via social media, will fade. Again, I disagree with the assertion that academic excellence is not accorded the same recognition as entertainment excellence. What you see is that entertainment excellence is usually  over hyped but less enduring. While academic excellence is  more enduring and prestigious even though it is less financially rewarding.”

“So, for undergraduates to achieve academic excellence and avoid being unduly exposed to social vices, they have to concentrate, more rigorously, on studying and research.” added the media scholar.

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