Very Important info regarding the Nigerian Passport.

VERY IMPORTANT info regarding the Nigerian Passport. We recall that PMB recently sent the CG of NIS to the “coolers” & appointed a new one.

● Babandede the new CG of NIS says he has instructed state commands to decentralize & reissue lost passport & change of names.

**Gone are the days of travelling to Abuja, particularly newly married women who used to travel there for change of names.

● Approval for replacement of lost passports shall henceforth be given by state comptrollers after online vetting and processing of application at the Passport Division in the Service’s headquarters.

● The 64 page e-passport costs N20,000, 32 page costs N15,000 (18-60yrs) while those below 18yrs and above 60 years cost N8, 750.

● The official fees/categories of passports will henceforth be displayed at various passport offices to ensure transparency.

● Nigerians are urged to insist on paying the official fees at the designated passport offices or pay online at the official immigration website to avoid exploitation by touts and agents.

● Additional passport offices to be opened in state commands where the existing passport office is getting overwhelmed with demand to ensure efficient service delivery.




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