Is This Really the Truth about “The Millenial Generation”? Simon Sinek on Addiction to Social Media and Filters, Bad Attitude to Work & More

A couple of days ago, an excerpt from an interview of a man talking about the “truth” of the Millenial Generation (born from 1981 to 1997 – if you’re anywhere between 20 and 36 years old) gathered a lot of buzz.

The speaker Simon Sinek is a two-time selling best Author, has one of the most watched TED talks of all time (top 5), and motivational speaker was a guest on Inside Quest where he addressed “How to get people to follow you”.
He explained how we have an entire generation growing up with lower self-esteem than previous generations because they are told they are special all the time and they can have anything they want in life.

However, reality sets in and they realize that isn’t the case. He also said the gen is addicted to social media, likes and filters – both literally and figuratively – i.e. to showing the best parts of their lives online.

He also talks about the Responsibilities of a Leader, Measuring Trust, Bad Business Practices of the 80s and 90s, taking phones away in meetings and the millennial generation.


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