Do You Know That There is a Church in Anambra Where Married People Are Swapped With Others ?

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There is a church known as ‘Mercedes Church or Uka Achi’ in Abagana, Anambra State, which has stunned many people with its mode of operation.


The church, which was founded by the late Jeremiah Achi, who passed on two years ago, has the culture of swapping spouses for the church members in the name of getting them hooked to their God-given partner and wrapping it up with a Mercedes Benz car.


According to the New Telegraph, investigations revealed that the criteria for getting a brand new Mercedes Benz car is when a male member of the church is picked for the husband swap.


Though the swap is neither compulsory nor forced on members, it is said that it comes in form of vision by the general overseer, who died two years ago. Through a vision, a dedicated male member of the church may be seen not to be marrying his God-given wife, hence, another wife is picked for the man from the church to marry as the real life partner whether both are married with children or not.


The practice, it was gathered, had been going on for years with men leaving their already established homes to remarry other women with children. But the spicy meal laced with a Mercedes Benz car gift became sour when a man in the church was asked to leave his wife, who a vision revealed was not his nature-ordained wife, to marry another woman with four children while the woman’s husband was swapped to marry the man’s wife.


The said man got to his new home only to face rejection from the grown up children of the woman who were already in secondary school. On arrival, he got a very numb reception and in the following weeks, the children refused to either greet him or call him daddy, despite their mother’s explanations and admonitions; even neighbours began to ask the children about their father’s whereabouts and who the man they see with their mother was.

After a while of enduring the pain of rejection and with all the new wife’s vain effort to get them to accept the man as their father, the man got fed up and decided it was time to leave and return to his family. He left the new family and returned to his home and told the man living with his wife to leave his home, but the man refused.So, he was forced to go back to his pastor, who pacified him and told him that he will resolve the matter.

But the man, who was apparently livid, already had his mind made up on returning back to his home and stormed out of the church in anger. That was the way the man left the church and chased away the man living in his home to return to his own wife.

Not long after the scenario, the general overseer of the church passed away. After his demise and burial, the church continued with its doctrine for a while before shifting base to another location close to the old one led by one of the assistant pastors.

According to a choir member of the church, who at first meeting didn’t want to talk to New Telegraph, the story of Mercedes and wife swap were all lies.She said that the late general overseer was only doing certain things to help the members. She alluded to the fact that the help included the gift of a car and a wife. “The car is given to help the couple start their life,” she said.

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