MORNING TREAT: Read This Wonderful Piece Written By Prisca

Ello great leaders and a great morning to u. Its really been a while
This morning we will talk about the UNIVERSITY OF HUMILITY which I believe every leader should possess.

True humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. The moment you think you are there, you are not. To explore the highest heights, remain humble. The person you look down on today may be your stepping stone tomorrow.
Remember, a leader without humility lose his followers and his vision like a flash of light.
Humility is the father of honour. Humility is forgiving others even before they apologise. Humility is refusing to blow your own trumpet after a great achievement.

Humility is obeying orders today, because someday you may be the one giving orders. Humility means though you have self confidence and self worth, you know that even a child can teach you a lesson.

Remember the way up is down. It was pride that turned angels to demons!. It was humility that turned men to angels. Don’t be the next victim of pride.

Have a super duper wonderful day, stay humble .and don’t forget to smile. You look cute that way☺☺☺.

Princess Prisca cares

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