Drama as Man Parks His Car on Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos and Tries to Kill Himself by Jumping (Video)

A man has seriously caused a stir after trying to commit suicide in the full view of many people on Third Mainland bridge.

The man was rescued
A video has shown the moment a man was rescued after trying to kill himself.
According to an Instagram user, Olamilekan Abayomi, who shared the video, the man parked his car on 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos with the intention of jumping off.
However, fortunately for him, the man’s friend and other passersby were there to prevent him from jumping as they led him off the bridge.
There was also a policeman at he scene.
One of the eyewitnesses could be heard saying…“let him follow the policemen”.
Watch the video below:

Source: http://www.tori.ng/news/50799/drama-as-man-parks-his-car-on-third-mainland-bridg.html
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