Fresh MERS Cases Reported In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia registered on Friday one Middle East Respiratory Syndrome corona virus fatality and six new cases, according to a statement issued by the Saudi Health Ministry.

The death and new cases reported are from Riyadh which has been witnessing a rise in the spreading of the virus in the last two weeks.

The latest development has put the total death toll up to 486 since the first reported case in July 2012.

MERS, also known as Coronavirus, causes symptoms similar to colds in individuals it infects.

Riyadh has been witnessing a rise in new cases because of a limited outbreak at one of its hospitals. It happened while Saudi Arabia has started receiving pilgrims from different country for Hajj.

Although the first MER case in the world was registered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, the country has succeeded in keeping away the virus from holy cities like Mecca, which receives millions of Muslims during the season.



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