Lady Narrates How Mum Was Murdered In Same Village He Was Killed

US Army Veteran Chuks Okebata was abducted and murdered at exactly 5pm on the 12th of Jan 2017 at his hometown in Imo state.
Okebata, who hailed from Umuduruorie in Umuomumu Mbieri, in the Mbaitoli LGA, was reportedly taken to Atta Junction in the Ikeduru LGA, where he was shot dead.

One of his Chuks’ relations, also based abroad, has narrated how 14 armed robbers stormed their home in the same village – Umuduruorie, Umuomumu Mbieri, Mbaitoli LGA and after a two hour horrifying robbery, shot her dad in the leg.

2 years later, he recovered and was planning a grand thanksgiving in the village. Her mum travelled home to go prepare things for the party but ended up being murdered and till tomorrow, nobody
knows who committed the heinous crime.

Read her story below:

My mum, Late Lolo Ethel Ifunanya Nwaogu was murdered 12 years ago… in my village…. the same Umuomumu Mbieri with the late Chuks Okebata and the mystery surrounding her murder is yet to be unraveled.

2 years earlier, I witnessed the first and only armed robbery attack in my life! 14 boys, armed to their teeth…. 2 hours of torture….. same village! My dad was finally shot on his right knee. Took him 2 years to get on his feet again.
Mum only visited the village to get people to fix the barb wire fence they damaged and through which they had access into the compound, it was in preparation for a grand thanksgiving on my dad’s behalf…. she never came back!

I don’t go there anymore, my kids haven’t even been there.

I have been traumatised for some days now. Is it a crime to visit one’s village? Is it? Will Umuomumu Mbieri continue to loose great people?
I really do hope our security agencies get to work and expose the masterminds behind these senseless and malicious killings.
May their souls Rest In Peace. Still miss my mum and we will miss you brother (like I always called you), father to my little friends and hubby to my dear friend Cyndy Okebata.

Chuks Okebata’s wife was in a serious battle with her husband before he died.

Clarification – It wasn’t Chuks that sent his wife the Unclad photos he had of many girls. Cyndy his wife, reportedly got into his phone, saw the pics and shamed Chuks and the girls by posting the pics on her Facebook page. That shaming was what made him defend his cheating by saying he was forced to look outside when people started attacking him on his wife’s Facebook wall.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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