Pastor allegedly turns water into kerosene (Video)

Pastor allegedly turns water into kerosene (VIDEO)

ambian-based Nigerian pastor, Andrew Ejimadu aka Seer 1, is said to have turned water into kerosene during his church’s worship service. It was gathered that the controversial pastor had told the congregation to come with a bottle of water each, as he was about turning the contents variously into wine, kerosene and even premium motor spirit, also known as petrol.

The controversial pastor who is popular for praying money into people’s bank accounts also came with his own bottle. He was said to have laid on the floor before the altar and prayed on the bottles to be turned into kerosene. After the ‘prayers,’ he picked up one of the bottles and poured the contents on a folded paper and lit it. Zambian-based Nigerian pastor Andrew Ejimadu

As the fire burned, there was shout in the church as the members were marveled at the miracle. Some ran to the altar to touch the burning bottles and anoint themselves with it. See the video below:

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